When visiting Biloxi, Mississippi, there is no greater fun to be had than spending time at a casino. Although there are many options for exciting games, a lot of people enjoy slot machines. Palace Casino Resort offers limitless fun with multiple types of slot machines. Learning about the opportunities will prepare visitors for joining in on the fun. Visiting a gaming casino often becomes the highlight of trips to Biloxi.

Common Types of Slot Machines

Slot machine manufacturers constantly come up with new and exciting ideas for slot machines. There is a type of slot machine for almost every player, allowing people to enjoy the fun without much expense. The following are some of the kinds of slot machines provided by casinos.

  • Video slots that offer bonus features and credit awards
  • Mechanical reels with old fashioned spinning reels
  • Video poker and keno machines
  • Electronic table games

As new slot machines become available, casinos effectively up the fun factor with their offerings. Most games offer progressive jackpots where awards keep growing until they are won. Casinos also offer oversized comfortable chairs with large-screen cabinets and surround sound. These features help increase the thrill of slot machine play and make players want to come back for more.

Palace Casino Resort Is Committed to Guest Safety

Having fun is impossible without safety first. The slot floor of the Palace Casino Resort was designed with safety in mind. The layout of the slot floor focuses on allowing more room between machines, so guests do not feel as if they are crammed into too tight a space. The new layout eliminates playing slots right next to another guest. The casino is also smoke-free, protecting its valuable guests’ health.

Amazing Slot Machine Offerings

At any gaming casino, slot machines will offer exciting options. With so many kinds of machines available, casinos must ensure they choose wisely. The following offers information on some of the top slot machines available in casinos today. Each time guests visit, there is always a new game to experience and enjoy.

Player Favorites

Some players love slot machines and always look for interesting themes added to the casino floor. The newest slot machines on the floor are gaining a large following among gamers. The following offers brief information on some of the latest fan favorite slot machines at the casino.

  • Cashnado is a slot machine no one ever forgets playing. This machine issues a heart-pounding Cash Crab bonus that instantly triggers a Cashnado alert for all players.
  • The Gold Hills Series introduces Prospector Pete and Lucky Mule. This Old West slot machine is engaging from the very beginning. Beat the clock and win jackpots of gold nugget prizes.
  • The Dragon Link games are also thrilling slot machines. The games offer players a variety of denomination options from 1¢ to $2 and all of them are capable of winning a huge Grand Jackpot. The Hold and Spin Bonuses allow winners to hit multiple progressive jackpots and credit prizes.
  • Wild Wild Buffalo is also a fan favorite that is sure to entice players when they visit the casino. This slot machine offers many features, including free games, bonus games, and bonus wheels.
  • Winline Bull Bucks allows players to grab the bull by the horns and win big. Match three of a kind and win the jackpot. Get the gold and walk away winning.
  • Fans of the Jumanji game will love playing this slot machine. One of the fun aspects of this game is that the bonus symbols come to life with new bonus feature additions.

Enjoy the Fun From the Very Beginning

When visiting the area, guests will quickly discover so many things to do in Biloxi, MS. During the day, people often tour the area to enjoy the area’s sights and sounds. At night, the casinos come alive with action. At the center of it all is the beautiful hotel.

Benefits of the Players Club

Those who enjoy playing at the casino regularly should learn about the Players Club and all it offers. The Palace Players Club is a dream come true for slot enthusiasts. The club offers the following benefits.

  • Faster ways to earn points, receive food discounts, and play kiosk games.
  • Redeem points for free slot machine play.
  • Receive mail offers based on recent play.
  • Earn more points to increase club tier level and benefits.

Book the Fun Today

Casinos offer a wide range of fun and excitement for guests. Those who have never been to a casino should learn about the options. With slot machine play and many other exciting games, guests will always find something new to enjoy and can walk away with big winnings.

The Palace Casino Resort offers amenities like no other in Biloxi. To book your stay, call 1-800-PALACE9. The hotel and casino will become the highlight of your visit to Biloxi, MS.

At Palace Casino Resort, we provide a beautiful hotel and casino that are the pride of Biloxi. Enjoy a day at the spa, playing golf on a championship course, and excellent dining opportunities before playing the slots at the smoke free casino.

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