The Ultimate Game of Chance

Roulette is one of the world’s most popular casino table games. It is a game which involves a ball being spun around a wheel containing numbers from zero to 36 which are colored either black or red. Players can place bets on the tablecloth, known as the layout, using chips. Winning selections are determined by the number, type of number (odd or even), color and position of the number on the layout.

Winning bets are determined by which number pocket the roulette ball comes to rest in. A dealer spins the wheel in one direction, and then sends the ball in the opposite direction on the ball track located around the wheel’s circumference. Once the ball loses its momentum, it bounces momentarily and then lands to rest into one of the numbered pockets. This is the winning number.

In theory, the game of roulette is amazingly balanced, and the logic of the roulette wheel layout is skillfully designed to accomplish specific conditions using a strategic balance of numbers; high and low, red and black, odd and even.

Our gaming supervisors and dealers will be happy to explain the game to you in further detail so that you may fully enjoy your play at our Roulette table. Good luck!

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